Do By Friday #320: Two Ways to Motivate a Donkey”

The Majesty of Bando

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He bask!He bask!


“dont need lap”“dont need lap”

“what? what?”“what? what?”


Alex’s Images

Prompt: stepping through a crazy wall that my mom designed in 2008”

Alex image 01Alex image 01

Prompt: 1920s brothel connected to a McDonald’s play place”

Alex image 02Alex image 02

Prompt: emerging from a confusing tunnel in a space with ominous relief”

Alex image 03Alex image 03

Prompt: utopian skate park connected to a twisting cloud monorail play-place.”

Alex image 04Alex image 04

Merlin’s Images

Prompt: A sad man sitting naked and alone in the first-class cabin of a flight. There is a very long hallway.”

Merlin image 01Merlin image 01

Prompt: Norman Rockwell painting of Mike Pence sitting on a gravestone, eating a crossword puzzle and crying inconsolably.”

Merlin image 02Merlin image 02

Prompt: The actress Scarlet Johansson sits in an aquarium. She is bewildered and wearing unusual headgear.”

Merlin image 03Merlin image 03

Prompt: Giorgio de Chirico painting of a cheap motel room at midnight. A military school for white children has started growing there. The white children are all very sad.”

Merlin image 04Merlin image 04

Prompt: An infinitely enormous airport terminal interior contains an ancient history museum, which, in turn, contains another tiny airport. Hyperrealistic. Cinematic. Cool color palette. Detailed and Intricate.”

Merlin image 05Merlin image 05

After Show

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Matchie’s Broken Dog Friends

Hazel 01Hazel 01

Matchie says: Top one is Hazel: she cannot see. Is very old…”

Hazel 02Hazel 02

Matchie says: [Hazel is] So sweet. Follows her nose.


Matchie says: Bottom one is Heidi. She is just like my dog Henry. Same breed. Same crazy energy. Likes to knock over her sister and enjoys belly rubs.”


The Bob Lamonta Story

“My shoes hurt, too, Dad. My shoes hurt too.”“My shoes hurt, too, Dad. My shoes hurt too.”

Mr. Show - Why Me? The Bob Lamonta Story” - YouTube

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