Sick of You” (2021 version)

Sick of You” (2021 version) (YouTube)

Ca. 1992 or so, I finally had settled in to a Real Job, so I bought a cassette 4-track (made payments for two years!), and this is probably one of the first songs of my own I recorded on it. (Maxell XLII-S, if you’re curious, which you certainly are not.)

Today, I am a very successful business man. So, when I got a real bass guitar last summer, I re-recorded it, and this is it.

That’s the post.

I made it so there was a referent for this playlist highlighting some of the very good bands I like to steal from to make bullshit like this happen.

It is literally the least I could do.

(Brady’s Bits: that’s the cover of the first cassette I ever…“put out.” Which cassette included this and other of my self-pitying little pop ditties. Pictured on the cover is the titular Ed,” who was my longsuffering high school band teacher. And that is, perhaps unsurprisingly, your author—who is shown seductively tonguing the window behind poor Ed.)

Post script: Hey, who knew? Here’s the original version.

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