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Your HostsYour Hosts Roderick on the Line is a podcast about ideas.

Roderick and I recently started a Patreon for our program.

Problem is, I am very much not the sort of person who enjoys asking strangers for money—even when I feel like it’s for stuff I consider valuable. I’m just really impossibly midwestern about it, and I realize that’s weird.

Knowing we’d benefit from a fun— and, as they say, on-brand —way to put the word out, I’ve set myself to the task of making some bespoke house ads” that can run on the show, encouraging people to give us money.

Of course, my weapon for this is the extraordinary app, Descript.

So, fortunately, it turns out that my midwestern reluctance to earn a living can be potentially offset by my Liberal Arts Major compulsion to make weird stuff. Who knew?

Anyways, here you go.

6. Changing Lives” (2022-10-03)


5. Do We Do That, Bob?” (2022-09-26)


4. Press Nine” (2022-09-19)


3. Have You Been Injured by a Podcast?” (2022-09-12)


2. Now More Than Ever” (2022-08-29)


1. You Are Listening to It Now” (2022-08-22)


0. Pilot Experiment


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